Privacy Policy

    Discover ReviewBoxes' editorial objective, how we evaluate items, and our dedication to transparency in our business operations.

    ReviewBoxes is committed to establishing trust with its audience through transparency. The purpose of this document is to share our core mission and editorial values, as well as our processes for drawing conclusions about the latest products as well as how we do business.

    Values that guide our work

    With stone tools and Google search, technology has empowered the human race and advanced civilization. The ReviewBox team is always searching for the most innovative new tools – as well as information on how we can use them to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

    There is no doubt that technology can also be put to many destructive uses and can have negative effects on us, our families, and our communities. It is our goal to keep our audience informed by challenging assumptions, asking difficult questions, and shining a light on dark corners. If you have any information, please let us know.

    There are a lot of people and groups shouting from rooftops to get your attention in this noisy world. 

    Professionals can trust ReviewBoxes to filter down to only the best content. We pick the most important innovation stories, explain why they matter, and offer solutions. The products we recommend are the ones we focus on, and the rest are filtered out.

    ReviewBoxes is committed to being fair and accurate in its coverage, and we strive to be comprehensive, balanced and complete in our reporting. The companies whose products we cover and our advertisers are independent of our editorial decisions. We are interested in hearing from a variety of voices. In case of conflict of interest, we disclose it. It is our goal to correct errors, and we welcome feedback and suggestions from our readers.

    What we look for when evaluating products

    Each day, ReviewBoxes’ editors and writers test hundreds of products to recommend the best ones. We don’t write about every product we test. You have a limited amount of time, so we only cover topics worth your time. The products we value are those that are innovative and solve problems. Real-world experience and how the products measure up for common use cases are more important to us than speeds and feeds. We help you find the products that stand out from the crowd and are worth your hard-earned dollars in a sea of sameness and copycat products.

    Product affiliate links

    If you click through from our site to a retailer to buy a product you’re interested in, we may earn affiliate commissions. We use this to support our work, but it does not affect the products we cover or how we cover them.

    Keeping your privacy safe. Improving your buying experience better. Your trust is extremely valuable to us.

    What Personal Information Do Our Brands Collect?

    Our Brands may collect the following personal information from or about you when you visit our Services:

    Online Identifiers: IP address, advertising ID, unique device ID, and other device information, as well as internal and third-party IDs assigned to you.
    Location Information: We acquire information about your precise location from your device (in restricted circumstances) or information about your general location from your IP address.

    Internet Activity Information: Information about your use of our Services, interactions with e-mails we send you, and activities on other websites you visit, including the web pages, content, and advertisements you view and links you click on, as well as whether you open, forward, or click links in e-mails we send you; your browsing history; and social media you use, including “shares” and “likes” you make on a social media platform that is connected to our Services.
    Inferences about your preferences, interests, and other behavioral data: Interests and hobbies (like your favorite foods, which videos you like, your purchases, favorite recipes, or consumption tendencies).

    Demographic Information: Age, gender, race, education level, income information, occupation, marital status, and information about your home/family status such as the presence of children/child age ranges, household size, own/rent indicator, and length of stay at your dwelling.

    Some of our Brands may allow you to register for a print subscription, sign up for a newsletter, register for our Services, request additional information, or purchase things from us. When you do this, those Brands may additionally collect

    Contact Information: Your name, phone number, postal address, or e-mail address.

    Account/Registration Information: Username and password, questions and answers for reminders, subscription and account numbers, and communication options such as which newsletters you want to receive (when you provide that information to us).
    Payment information includes billing and shipping addresses, credit card or bank account numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes (when you provide that information to us).
    Account information includes account name and password, points, and reward selection.
    Body type, general health, physical injuries, exercise and activity levels, weight loss ambitions, and nutritional preferences are all examples of health and fitness information (when you provide that information to us).

    Other Personal Information Voluntarily Provided by Consumers: Any content you submit or make available when you use the interactive features on our Services (such as photos and comments), as well as personal information about others that you may share in order to send others (friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.) information that may be of interest to them.
    We do not collect your speech or audio information when you interact with our Brands via voice assistants, such as by activating a “skill” on an Amazon Alexa or a “activity” on a Google Home device, but we will know what you are “looking” for. To obtain additional information from us, you may be asked to enter personal information such as your e-mail address or phone number.

    Cookies are little files that are kept on your computer. It includes a unique identity, as well as the address and other details about the website you’re visiting. Cookies allow us to determine whether you are a returning user of our Services. For example, even if you do not log in when you visit our Services, we can use cookies to recognize that you have previously visited that website. We use cookies to learn what our customers are interested in and to ensure that the content and services we provide are relevant and interesting when you visit our Services. In some situations, we may use the personal information collected through cookies to provide you with relevant and appealing content.

    Privacy of Children

    Our Group Brands does not knowingly allow anybody under the age of 16 to provide personal information to us online. Before revealing any personal information about themselves on the internet, children should always seek permission from their parents. Please do not register for the Services or provide us with any personal information if you are under the age of 16.